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National Forms

Go here for National Forms.

To review pending changes in Bankruptcy Forms, click here.

Local Forms

  1. Verification of Matrix
  2. Pay Advice Cover Sheet
  3. Affidavit and Disclosure of Domestic Support Obligations
  4. Certificate of Service Template
  5. Unclaimed Funds (Instructions; Application for Order; Affidavit of Creditor/Claimant)
  6. Chapter 11 Final Report and Motion for Entry of Final Decree
  7. Deferment of Adversary Filing Fee by Trustee or Debtor-in-Possession
  8. Sample Pre-Trial Order
  9. Order Template
  10. Chapter 13 Plan
  11. Notice of Change of Address
  12. Declaration regarding electronic filing

See the following links for information and other forms frequently used in the Western District of Oklahoma.

  1. Bankruptcy Information
    1. DeBN (Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing)
      1. Click DeBN Request.pdf to download a printable request form.
  2. Court Information
    1. Transcript-Multimedia Order Request Form
      1. Complete and save the Transcript-Multimedia Order Request Form in PDF format.
    2. Unclaimed Funds – Supporting Documentation Forms below:
      1. AO-213P  Request for Vendor Information and TIN Certification
      2. W-9  Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
      3. AO-215  Request to Determine Foreign Vendor Tax Payments
      4. W-8  Certificate of Foreign Status
  3. For Attorneys
    1. Pro Hac Vice
      1. You may request to appear Pro Hac Vice by filing a written motion to appear pro hac vice and attaching a “Request for admission Pro Hac Vice” located here.
    2. Request Access to OKWB CM/ECF System
      1. Attorneys must complete an Application for Access for E-Filing.