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Updating Your Contact Information and Secondary Email Addresses

Updating Your Contact Information

The Local Rules require that everyone registered to file or receive service of documents electronically through the Court’s electronic filing system must maintain current and accurate contact information in the CM/ECF System.  Local Rule 5005-1.C. and ECF Guidelines: Users must update their online account profiles whenever contact information changes.  (See instructions below.)   

As of November 1, 2021, all updates to a primary user’s contact information in the CM/ECF System must be made through the PACER website.  Instructions for making such updates follow immediately below.  However, users may still add, update, or delete secondary email addresses associated with a primary user’s account (for instance, when a lawyer wants to add a paralegal or secretary’s email to receive copies of all emails sent to the lawyer by the CM/ECF System) in CM/ECF.  See instructions below for updating secondary email addresses.

Instructions for Updating Your Contact Information to Comply with Local Rules

Go to the PACER website (

Click “Manage My Account” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Log in using your individual PACER username and password.

When the “Manage My Account” page appears, click on the “Maintenance” tab.

Click one of the following options, depending on what information you want to update:

  1. Update Personal Information

Choose the “Update Personal Information” option to update your name (including prefix, generation, and suffix).

  1. Update Primary Email Address and Email Noticing and Frequency

Choose the “Update E-filer Email Noticing and Frequency” option to update:

    • Primary Email
    • Email Noticing and Frequency (once per day or daily summary including email format)

You will have the option of choosing which of the NextGen courts with which you are registered should receive your updated information. You must choose to send this information to the Oklahoma Western Bankruptcy Court. Once you do, any change you make to your name or email address will be applied to, and reflected on the docket for, every case in the Oklahoma Western Bankruptcy Court, past, present, or future, open or closed, in which you are listed as counsel of record. There is no way to update your name or email address in some cases but not others. If you want to stop receiving NEFs in a case in which you are listed as counsel of record, you must withdraw from the case.


If you do not update your email address, and Notices of Electronic Filing sent to that address bounce back as undeliverable, YOUR E-FILING PRIVILEGES WILL BE SUSPENDED. If this happens to you, immediately update your information via PACER, then contact the Clerk’s office at 405-609-5700 or email to reactivate your account.

  1. Update Address Information

Choose the “Update Address Information” option to update:

    • Name of law firm, if any
    • Personal or work address
    • Phone numbers

For this information, you will have some options regarding which cases should be updated with the changed information. For instance, you could choose to apply this information to all cases, to only pending and future cases, or just to future cases.

Instructions for Updating Your Secondary Email Addresses


Log in to CM/ECF, using your PACER login and password.  Click “Utilities” on the menu bar at the top of the screen.  Choose “Maintain Your ECF Account” from the list of links presented.  The next screen will have a button in the lower left part of the screen click “Email information”.


  1. Enter secondary email addresses. Use a hard return between email addresses.
  2. Place a check mark in the box: “to the secondary addresses”.
  3. Towards the bottom of the screen, click on “Return to Account screen”.

On the next screen, towards the bottom, click on “Submit”.

  1. After clicking Submit, you MUST receive the following message: “Successfully updated…”
    1. If you do not receive the message below, the changes will not be saved.