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Filing Fees and Online Payment Form

The payment of certain filing fees may be paid online via debit card, bank account (ACH), or PayPal. If the ACH option is used, please pay close attention to your account information. If we receive a returned item, you will be charged a $53.00 returned item fee. Credit cards are not permitted under this payment option.  Please see our online payment instructions here.


The Online Payment Form cannot be used for payments generated in CM/ECF. The Online Payment Form can be used to pay for fees that, until now, have been paid by mail, drop box, or at the intake counter, including:

  • Filing fee
    • If you are paying the filing fee for a new case and you do not know your case number, you will need to enter "New Case" when a case number is required on a form.
  • Filing fee installments
  • Searches
  • Certified copies
  • Exemplifications
  • Recording of hearings
  • Other various fees

Please contact the clerk′s office at (405) 609‐5700 to verify the fee amount before the payment is made. Please have your case number ready.


The Online Payment Form requires the following information in order to complete the payment. Please have the information ready to ensure your payment is processed accordingly:

  • Payer′s first and last name
  • Payer′s telephone number
  • Payer′s email address
  • Case number & the debtor’s name(s) associated with it
  • A brief description of what the payment is for
  • Total payment amount

NOTE: This payment option is NOT to be used for Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 plan payments.


Click here to make an online payment for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Oklahoma.