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Register For a PACER Account

All users and electronic filers MUST obtain their own PACER account as shared PACER accounts cannot be used in NextGen.
Note:  Your CM/ECF account is not a PACER account.
Note:  If your CM/ECF login information is currently stored in a browser, it will not be recoverable when the Court transitions to NextGen.  If you do not know your current CM/ECF password, log on to CM/ECF now and use the Change Your Password option found in the Utilities menu to create a new CM/ECF password.  Passwords should be recovered or changed prior to October 29, 2021.

  1. Access the PACER home page:
  2. Select Register for an Account.
  3. Select PACER-Case Search Only.
  4. Select Register for a PACER account.
  5. Complete the PACER - Case Search Only Registration form.
    Select Individual as the User Type, then select NEXT.
    NOTE:  If you work for a government agency, make the appropriate selection from the Government Accounts category.
  6. Create a Username and Password.  Select Security Questions and Answers then select NEXT when finished.
  7. Enter the payment information to be saved.  This screen is optional.
    Providing a credit card is optional.  If you would like to register without providing a credit card, click Next below without entering any inforation on this screen.  For instant access to PACER, we will validate the credit card information you provide here.  There is no registration charge; however, the credit card will be charged quarterly for any fees incurred.  If you submit your registration request without providing credit card information, you will receive an activation code by U.S. mail in 7-10 business days.
  8. Confirm you have read the policies and procedures.
  9. Your account has been created!
    You will still need to acees CM/ECF via the website using your current CM/ECF loging and password prior to our NextGen Go-Live date.
    Once our court goes live on NextGen, on November 1, 2021, you will need to link your new PACER Account to your OKWB CM/ECF filing account.
    You will then use your PACER username and password to access CM/ECF for OKWB and other courts who have upgraded to NextGen.
    Note:  Be sure to link with your CM/ECF Account on or after November 1, 2021.