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E-Filing Application or Request for Training

Attorneys must be admitted to practice in and be in good standing with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma before the clerk’s office can issue an ECF login.  To confirm an attorney’s admission status with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, contact them at (405) 609-5000.  

  1. Attorneys must complete an Application for Password for E-Filing. The application can be submitted at the clerk’s office intake counter or by mail:   

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
215 Dean A. McGee Avenue, Suite 147
Oklahoma City, OK  73102

The application must include the attorney’s original signature.     


  1. Training is not mandatory in order to receive an ECF login; however, the clerk’s office offers free classes demonstrating how electronic filing works.  Classes can accommodate up to ten students and last approximately one hour.  Attorneys, paralegals, and assistants are welcome to participate.  In addition, we will tailor a class upon request to illustrate typical events used when representing a debtor, typical events used when representing a creditor, etc.  To schedule a class, email clerk’s office trainers at with the following: 
  • Requested date and time for training,
  • Number of attendees,
  • A direct phone number trainers can use to contact the requesting party, 
  • What kind of training is requested – general, debtor, creditor, or other, and
  • Any accommodations needed for physical disabilities or any special equipment requirements.

We will endeavor to provide training at the date and time requested, but due to schedule conflicts, we may need to coordinate a different date or time. 

For assistance please call (405) 609-5700 or email