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Order Upload for Bankruptcy

An Order MAY NOT be uploaded by filing the order in the case. The order must be uploaded by using the following procedure.

Procedures to file document:

  1. Select Order Upload
  2. Select Upload Single
  3. After reading the WARNING and ensuring that the response time has run, click Next
  4. Verify that the case number in the text box is correct. If no case number appears in the text box, enter the case number. Click Next
  5. Enter the Related Document Number. If you know the number of the docket event to which the order relates (the underlying motion, application, etc.), enter the docket number. If you do not know the related document number, click next and see the instructions that follow at 5A below.
  6. On the Upload a Single Order screen, enter the order type by selecting one of the following from the drop down menu (found by clicking the arrow pointing down in the text box): Standard, Chp 13, Expedited, or Ex Parte
  7. Enter the Hearing Date (if any) in the associated text box
  8. Browse to upload a previously prepared PDF order by clicking Browse. Select the document from one on your computer, right click on it to verify that it is the correct document, click Open.
  9. Verify that the docket text is correct. If not, abort by clicking Clear and begin again or use the back button to correct
  10. Submit transaction by clicking Next

  11. 5A.      Select the category of events to which the order relates in the drop down box; or enter the dates on which the underlying motion/order relates in the Filed text boxes; or enter the docket entry numbers in the Documents text boxes.  To select all of the events in the drop down list, click on answer and, without releasing the mouse button, scroll downward

    5B.      Select the underlying event to which the order relates by clicking in the corresponding box


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